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Yellowdot Aspire to Inspire…

For us it is all about bringing value which will make a difference in our client’s life.
Our journey started in Nigeria in 2013 when the company was established by Noy Hazan, Magnus Mchunguzi and Nir Kunik.
Yellow Dot’s founders’ vision was to be allied to Africa’s development by providing advanced content platform solutions which will enable African mobile users accessibility to UpToDate information by integrating the top content creators with the top African mobile operators.

During the following years we developed tailored made content, mobile games and advanced technological platforms based on the preferences of the our local mobile users.

These advanced technological platforms are capable to be integrated easily with the mobile operators’ systems and with marketing omni channels.

As years passed by, we identified the local need to expand our operations to new African countries such as: French Africa, South Africa and more aiming to bring values to more satisfied users.

Yellow Dot is purely a dream coming true for its’ founders in 2 ways:

1. Today our clients enjoy the most advanced content marketing platform, they can consume top quality content and exciting mobile games, videos, podcasts and more to come !
2. Developed the most advanced marketing channels management platform in Africa!

The mobile services industry is the most fascinating and inspiring market! It influences and affects the lives of the people in Africa.
With close to MILIARD African mobile users who thanks to mobile technologies can connect to variety of services, digital wallet, content services, internet and easily communicate through basic phone calls, the whole world is now available in few clicks through this magical mobile phone.

We at Yellow dot are so grateful for the ability and opportunity to make sure that African mobile users are able to enjoy the highest value services and therefore we are always on an ongoing development aiming to create optimized synergy between the mobile operators and the mobile users, it is done mostly by constant awareness for the needs of the mobile operators and the mobile users.

We are proud to be a central connection point for our users between the good old traditional and the new advanced era, between print and digital, between Mobile App and USSD. Past and future become one through our present being for you!

Us at Yellow Dot are excited to be there with and for African’s mobile experience journey, Past, Present and Future, it is a big honor for us to have the privilege to be there with you all along.

We see an amazing future in Africa, for Africa.
Africa is the future. Yours and Our future.

You can approach us in any language, at any time, we are here to bring you the best value which you deserve to have!

We hope to see you in our future.

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